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An interesting thing about the Caterpillar backhoe loader is that although most people would not know what you were talking about if you asked them about one, they would most definitely recognize the piece of equipment if they saw it in person. Also referred to as the Cat backhoe loader, this is a machine that everyone has probably seen at one time or another. Backhoes are used for a wide variety of jobs, especially when they are outfitted with the proper attachments. For this reason they are often the only machines you will find at a construction site. But have you ever wondered just what they were for?

A Caterpillar backhoe loader can be used for several purposes, but its primary function is to move dirt, gravel, and other materials. They are easily identified due to their unusual appearance which includes having several different components sticking out all over the place. Even though it may seem confusing to someone with a limited knowledge of Cat backhoe loader parts, each one has its own purpose. As a matter of fact, the backhoe is actually three different pieces of equipment all combined to create one machine. These include the backhoe, loader, and tractor.

The first part of the Caterpillar backhoe loader that we will focus on is the backhoe, because it is the main functioning part of the unit. It is essentially a powerful digging tool that can be used to dig up thick, densely compacted materials, lift them up, and then transfer them to the desired location.

The tractor can be referred to as the core of the Cat backhoe loader. It is designed to move over most types of difficult terrain, has a turbocharged engine, huge tires, and a cab that contains the controls for steering. These cabs are usually fully enclosed so they can provide protection for the operator.

And third, there is the loader which is installed at the front of the machine and it also serves several purposes. It operates like a large dustpan that can easily scoop up large amounts of material. It can even smooth out terrain or push dirt forward like a large broom.

The Caterpillar backhoe loader can be looked at as a large and very powerful version of a finger or arm. There are three joints that connect three different Cat loader parts that can be compared to your wrist, elbow, and shoulder; these include the boom, bucket, and stick. The powerful boom can be bent upwards so that it is easy to dig with obstacles in the way and also provides for extra space for when the bucket has a full load. This is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for digging all sorts of holes, and is especially handy for digging ditches.

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