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Most backhoes can be very expensive, largely due to the fact that they are three pieces of equipment in one: a backhoe, tractor, and loader. At some point an intelligent individual came along and realized that by designing a backhoe that could be towed behind a truck instead of having to be built into a tractor, he could save a lot of money. These days it is possible to find a towable backhoe company that can sell you these machines, as well as the plans and parts necessary if you are interested in building your own.

The compact towable backhoe is typically a compact machine that is perfect for smaller landscaping and excavation jobs as well as personal use in the yard. Often times it is not necessary to have a full sized machine, and because the equipment is so complex and multifaceted it can be very expensive. That�s why it is often in your best interest to do business with a towable backhoe company so you can save money and buy only the type of equipment that you really need.

One of the more thought provoking issues that have been circulating in professional construction circles as of late is whether or not it is a good idea to build your own compact towable backhoe. On the positive side, you can save a lot of money. However, on the negative side you will have to spend a lot of time and hard work on the project and if you make any mistakes you could end up spending even more time trying to fix it. If the equipment breaks down while on a job it can really cost you because you may end up losing the job and getting bad word of mouth spread about you.

So, where does one go about finding a reputable towable backhoe company? These pieces of equipment are still not as mainstream as the standard tractor driven models, so it can be difficult to find someone who sells them. Instead of wasting time calling up all the construction supply dealers in your area, it is a smarter idea to simply do your research online and try to find the closest store in your area that offers a compact towable backhoe.

When you can�t find a towable backhoe company near you, you will probably have to find the closest one and drive out to look over their stock. They may be able to have the equipment delivered, but it is usually in your best interest to pick it up yourself. Another option you may have is finding a towable backhoe auction that can offer you some great deals. If all else fails, your only option may be to build your own machine using plans and parts. At least this way whenever the machine needs repairs you will not have to pay someone to perform them, since you will be able to tackle it yourself.

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